Regular work and leaving bed early in the morning

Hazrat Masruq (RAA) said: I asked Aisha (RAA) which action was most loved by Allah’s messenger? She replied: The one regularly done.  I said: When did he get up night? She replied: He got up at cockcrow. (Bukhari, Muslim)

The importance of regular activities:
Dear reader from the first part of the Hadith we may learn that the deeds which most loved by Allah’s messenger (pbuh) is done regularly even if they are small. Through experience we have learned that it is very much difficult to get the ultimate result of any particular issue or subject over the night. Throughout regular and continuous activities on particular affair a man gets chance to gather experience and knowledge. He gets enough time to think and ponder on it for the development. Allah bestows His mercy on him or her who follows this tradition and custom. There is a proverb that Rome was not built in a day.
The importance of early to rise and early to bed:
We may know from the above mentioned Hadith that our dearest Prophet (pbuh) was used to get up from bed early in the morning. So, leaving bed early in the morning is most important for the Muslims. After leaving bed early in the morning it is compulsory for all adult Muslims to perform Salah. Through Salah a Muslim becomes very closer to almighty Allah. This is a very good practice done by the most obedient servant and soldiers of Allah. They are becoming very much stronger in beliefs and faith. The one who does not perform the dawn prayer becomes weak in morally. We know that early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.  In another Hadith Aisha (RAA) reported that the Prophet (pbuh) used to sleep during the earlier part of the night and stood praying during the latter part. (Bukhari, Muslim). Therefore, waking up at night and rising in the early morning is a key of success for us and give us chance to enrich our spiritual side.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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