The Essence of Holy Hadith

Duty towards parents

Muawayiah bin Jahemah reported that Jaheemah came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said O Messenger of Allah! I like to join a battle and have come to you for your suggestion. The Holy Prophet asked him; do you have mother? He answered yes. The Holy Prophet asked him to go home and serve her as Heaven is at her feet. [(Ahmad)

Paradise or Hell depends upon Parents Satisfaction for their Wards:
“Heaven is at her feet” means that the mother must be highly respected treated with extreme politeness and submission. By nature, a mother is weak and sensitive and thus deserves better treatment and devotion. To respect, obey and serve the mother is the key to Heaven. In doing so, we shall be able to please Allah and the Holy Prophet. Abu Umamah (R.A.A) reported that a man asked: O Messenger of Allah: What are the rights of the parents over their children? He replied: They are your Paradise and your Hell. ( Ibn Majah)
The Qur’an stresses kind treatment to parents, especially when grow old. As they grow, their strength weakens. They badly need support and kind treatment.
Hazrat Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah said: May he be humbled! May he be humbled! May he be humbled! It was questioned: Who, O Messenger of Allah? He said: The one who gets parents in their old age-one of them or both of them, and yet does not enter Paradise. [Mishkat]

Parents satisfaction is most important:
Satisfaction of the parents is the satisfaction of Allah. In the Hadith it is said, Allah is satisfied if parents are satisfied and Allah is dissatisfied if parents are dissatisfied. It is the duty of every son and daughter to abide by the decisions of their parents. The total welfare of our worldly life lies in the satisfaction of the parents. So, it is our moral duty to always treat them well. We will abide by the decisions of our parents. We will take care of them. Then Allah will be happy. We will get blessings of Allah. Our life will be prosperous.

Md. Moshiur Rahman
Principal, Islami Bank International School & College

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