All the praises and thanks be to Allah the Lord of the Universe.

All the praises and thanks be to Allah the Lord of the Universe.
(Surah No. 01, al-Fateha, Verse No. 01)

The meaning of Fateha:
Dear brothers and sisters, this verse is the first verse of surah al-Fateha. Fateha means the opening chapter. It opens the door of the Qur’an and so it also opens the closed hearts and closed minds of people who read and understand it. The face or preface of the Qur’an is surah Fateha. Just as by looking at the face we can judge and know about the person, similarly by looking at surah Fateha we can judge and understand what is there in the Qur’an and what it is talking about.
The period of revelation and subject matter of this Surah:
The period of revelation of surah al-Fateha is before Hijrah in Makkah. It is the first of the Qur’an. It is the first complete surah revealed to our dearest Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). To introduce the human being with the Almighty Allah and to teach them how to pray Almighty Allah to gain His favor and mercy is the subject matter of this surah.
The meaning ‘Alaam’of the universe:
The Arabic word ‘Alaam’ means world or universe is a collective noun and comprehends all the creatures of Allah. This word is not generally used in its plural form. But in this verse  ‘Alaam’ denotes all kinds of genera and species as the world or men, the world of animals, the world of angles, the world of jinns, etc. This is why the plural form is used so that it may be clearly understood that each and every individual of the universe is the creature of Allah and of no one else.
The meaning of straight path:
The straight way is absolutely true, which provides us with a properly based out look and sound principals of behavior, a way, which will prevent our succumbing to false doctrines and adopting unsound principles of conduct, a way that will lead us to our true salvation and happiness. It is the way of Islam, the way of peace, progress and the way of Paradise.
May Allah the Almighty show us the right path for prosperity in this temporary world and salvation in life after death.
Md. Moshiur Rahman


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