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How Airplanes Fly? 0

How Airplanes Fly?

Ahmed M. Rahman Many people today have flown in an airplane. It is a common communication network today. To travel long distance airplane is must. Many ask the simple question “what makes an airplane fly”? The answer one frequently gets is

How Air Conditioners Work 0

How Air Conditioners Work

Ahmed M. Rahman An Air conditioner is a common electronic device. It used offices and home in everywhere, especially in the tropical region. An air conditioner (often referred to as AC) is a home appliance, system, or mechanism designed to dehumidify and extract heat from an area. The cooling is...

How Aluminium Foil is made? 0

How Aluminium Foil is made?

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. Actually, it makes up between 7 and 8 percent of the crust. But aluminium is never found in a pure state in nature. Rather, it is combined with other chemical elements in compounds that are very hard to break down....