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Plants can counter human emissions

Under right conditions, photosynthesis-respiration cycle stems accelerating rise of atmospheric gas Plants temporarily halted the acceleration of rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, new research suggests. From 2002 through 2014, CO2 levels measured over the oceans climbed from around 372 parts per million to 397 parts per million. But the average...


DNA can now store images, video and data

With a smartphone, you can look up facts, stream videos, check out Facebook, read tweets and listen to music. But all of those data aren’t stored on your phone. They are kept somewhere else, perhaps half a world away. For now, companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook store those data...


Internet use may harm teen health

Connecting with other teens online may be fun. But spending too much time on the Internet could lead to health problems, a new study reports. Heavy Internet use appears able to put teens at serious risk of high blood pressure, it finds. As the term suggests, high blood pressure exerts...


Navigate Chrome like an Expert

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers nowadays, by far. However, just like any other browser, if you know all of the tips and tricks, the experience can be improved in a multitude of ways. There are some improvements that can literally make you a lot more productive, while at the same...


Table Will Replace Air-Conditioner

Welcome to the 21st century. You are living in an age where watches are computers and printers make 3-D edible food. Those 2014 inventions better make room for the newest technological advancement—a table that’s an air conditioner. Advantages to Having an Air Conditioner that Looks Like a Table It is attractive. Traditional...

Mother Dear

Mother Dear

Kazi Falguni Eshita She almost died while giving birth to me Her sacrifices? I can’t yet see. She never asked for a full shopping cart, Just my time, prayers and a place in my heart. My favorite time is when I get my hair done No stylist can do it...


Ocean Animals Have Bulked Up Since Ancient Eras

Size of marine creatures averages 150 times bigger than 540 million years ago Marine animals have become much bigger over time, scientists report February 20 in Science. This finding lends evidence to Cope’s rule, which states that animals often evolve to be larger than their distant ancestors. The hypothesis takes...


Rewritable paper : Prints with light, not ink

A new type of paper can be used and reused up to 20 times. What’s more, it doesn’t require any ink. Its designers think that this new technology could cut down on tons of waste — and save people tons of money. A special dye embedded in the paper makes...


The nose knows a trillion odors

Scent tests show precision of human olfactory power In the movie Roxanne, Steve Martin plays a lovesick guy who mocks his own huge schnoz by declaring: “It’s not the size of a nose that’s important. It’s what’s in it that matters.” Scientists demonstrated the surprising truth behind that joke this...

Vehicles were printed in just two days in Chicago, then New York

3-D printers are making cars!

On a Saturday morning earlier this September, the world got its first look at the Strati. This electric vehicle is unlike any other currently on the road. It rolls on four wheels, but its body and chassis weren’t built in a factory. Instead, Strati’s designers used a technology called 3-D...

Mummies existed before Egypt’s pyramids 0

Mummies existed before Egypt’s pyramids

Mummy-making in Egypt may have been common long before communities stored their dead in giant stone tombs Ancient Egyptians started building pyramids more than 4,500 years ago. By then, people were already preserving the dead as mummies. In fact, new research now suggests mummies may predate those giant stone tombs...

Star-eating star spotted 0

Star-eating star spotted

SNACK TIME  Thorne-?ytkow Objects probably start out as binary stars, shown in this illustration. A supergiant eventually engulfs its neutron star companion (right). A star in a neighboring galaxy might have swallowed another star.

Purifying the Air with Photosynthesis Bike 0

Purifying the Air with Photosynthesis Bike

Developed by designers in Bangkok, this bike is like a two-wheeled plant, powered by your feet. Bicycles are often cited as the most efficient modes of transportation in the world. They’re five times more efficient than walking,

Big Data is Transforming  Everyday Life 0

Big Data is Transforming Everyday Life

In the tech world, we often talk about how big data is remaking big business. But photojournalist Rick Smolan wants us to pay attention to how it’s transforming everything else. The former National Geographic and TIME photographer, who is best known for the Day in the Life book series, has spent his career using imagery to...

Sci-Tech News 0

Sci-Tech News

Nokia Enters PC Market with Mini-Laptop Launch The mobile handset giant Nokia enters into PC Market and launched a portable mini-laptop computer last month. According to a spokesperson of Nokia, the mini computer will use Microsoft’s Windows software and contains a high speed mobile internet access capability. The Nokia Booklet...