Our Profound Friendship

“What’s wrong with you? For God’s sake tell me!”
“I don’t need to tell you anything! Stop bothering me! Perhaps this friendship has to end here!”
“Fine! then go away!”

Those were the last words we spoke to each other. I saw her going out of my sight. As she walked away, I was gazing at her with a disbelief. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. She had no regrets for whatever she had done. It seemed as if I existed nowhere in her life. She was one of the closest persons in my life, she was Raya, my best friend.

I believed nothing could break our profound friendship. But I never thought Raya herself would be doing so! She went away from my life without any proper reason and never turned back.

Years had passed by, but I was somehow stuck at the very day she went away. Sometimes I wondered how ruthless Raya had been to me and wanted her to come back and say sorry to me, but nothing like that happened in the past four years.

That was in the month of December when I went abroad to attend a seminar on cancer treatment. I am a doctor, so I had to visit a cancer hospital there. As I was passing through the corridor, all of a sudden my eyes caught the sight of a skinny patient lying on the bed. I stepped back to see her. For an instance I resisted my breath and to my great astonishment I realised that the person lying on bed was Raya!

I entered her cabin and stood beside her bed. My heart was pounding very fast. We both looked at each other. It took me no longer to realise the truth which was untold for years. Raya knew she was a cancer patient and had only some years left, so she went away intentionally to save me from the sorrow and grief of her death.

I was speechless and didn’t know how to react. It was the most painful shock I ever had in my life. How was it ever possible? How come, I didn’t feel the pain she was going through for past four years! I stood still staring at the pale lady lying on the bed. I was sobbing and so did she. I always thought I would come across some truth about her one day but I never thought it would end like that.

Nadia Sultana
The writer is a student of United International University

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