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Emotions and Us Kazi Falguni Eshita

Anger, joy, or sadness: These emotions are always part of life, especially for a female. Is it always wise to show your emotions?  Or is it better to conceal them? Anger is the most destructive force of them all. You should never take important decisions while angry; because that might...



::Nashid Tabassum :: This story of ZamZam starts in the terrain of Saudi Arabia when baby Ismael was left in the desert by Ibrahim [AS] by the will of Allah. Baby Ismael was with his mother when they were in the tent with milk and dates in a split –...

Our Profound Friendship 7

Our Profound Friendship

“What’s wrong with you? For God’s sake tell me!” “I don’t need to tell you anything! Stop bothering me! Perhaps this friendship has to end here!” “Fine! then go away!” Those were the last words we spoke to each other. I saw her going out of my sight. As she...