::Nashid Tabassum ::

This story of ZamZam starts in the terrain of Saudi Arabia when baby Ismael was left in the desert by Ibrahim [AS] by the will of Allah. Baby Ismael was with his mother when they were in the tent with milk and dates in a split – second Ismael gobbled up all the dates and drank up all the fresh milk Hajarah [Ibrahim’s wife] had nothing left to feed baby Ismael. She scuttled out of the mini tent and went to hunt for food, she herself was very hungry and thirsty but she knew she had to feed Ismael first. As she was looking for food she approached two very steep hills. Eventhough she was very tired she ran from one hill to another but there was nothing but the scorching hot sun smiling down at the boiling hot sand. She repeated this step six more times to make this seven more times. Suddenly Ismael could not take any more he banged the heels of baby feet and the best miracle happened a fresh spring shot out of the blazing hot sand. Hajarah cried tears of joy as she helped herself and her baby to the fresh water. As soon as she finished she repeated Stop!Stop![zamzam] twice to the water but it still fountained out of the ground. The main reason the water is called ZamZambecause Hajarah shoutedthe words when the water was springing out of the ground. Now everyone uses this water for Hajj or Umrah.

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