Dear readers

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. Hope this issue of your favourite magazine will find you in good health and mind. As all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy so everyone has to go to playground for fun, fitness and for a fair mind too. But as parks and playgrounds are disappearing quickly, so is fitness of Bangladeshi city children and adults. People tend to withdraw themselves and stay back at home and look for fun available indoor. So with the vanishing of outdoor games involving physical activities games involving zero or little physical movement emerges on the horizon. That is eSports. ESports is electronic sports which require some clicks and swipes not any sort of the big movement when a human needs to move his or her organ a lot for bodybuilding, better breathing, beautiful mind etc. It sounds good for the night owls who wake up late at night which allows ample space for such eSportsmen. Sunset laws apply to outdoor games not to the eSports. When the sun goes down revelers playing on the field must stop at least due to shortage of light and other obligations. Diametrically the law doesn’t apply to eSportsmen who can play by day or at night and even without room light because the smart phone or tablet or laptop etc have their light inbuilt to help the players of eSports. So it makes little difference whether it is night or day and eSportsmen have every possibility to be addicted and they are indeed. They are suffering from being glued to their gadgets for longer hours. Screen time for them is soaring meteorically, inviting a range of diseases and health complications. Parents of such addicted children have fallen in perennial problems, prompting them to sift for solutions to the problem of longer screen time, ophthalmological complications and many more like obesity. The Bretton Woods system or the United Nations or the World Health Organisation should incriminate some bad habits of the users and rein in these gadget manufacturers. Or the world leaders may make these gadget producers to pay for the bad health effects of the purchasers and consumers as fossil fuel exporters have to pay in return for carbon footprint.
Hope to return to you soon.

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