ROSE SICK -Md. Eftekhairul Islam Mithun

O warm! Call me rose!
Sick is my flourishing title until end
Wait, I’m coming in the full moonnight
To present you poisonous-life. O asleep mad!
You lose your superiority over sick as I entitled!
Firming I destroy you, your kind gave me sick
So I come in day and at night, on your calling
Fruitful contract, rather I fly.
You, a senseless warm, can’t suck my sweet
And can’t justify my fathom.
I’m a deep darken universe.

A day has gone, I begged your love, your sight,
You! Pushed me away, neglected me in air,
And my affection but were we your dearer?
Kissed me taking your bosom
I pulled your hair, and said:
“Father, I’m your sweet child, loving child, your life”
I’m now visible rose, coming day and night
Based on your agreement, all laugh at me!

O warm, you ate my blood in womb
You’re unable about your appearance
You were an angel having life but
You don’t stop your vicious lust!
Never see the luminous world, Earth calls-
‘Come back to the eternity, o warm, o sick’
I, only hear it because I’ve seen the secular warm.

Can, o warm, give me a world?
At where has no shame, no offense, no guilty
At where has fresh fruit, celestial flowing water,
The birds are singing flying in the blue sky,
There is no cloud, twilight plays within hearts,
There’s no hungriness, no poverty, no eyes fire.
Laughing! O warm. You never give me this
You can suck honey, you want a rose but
You will lose everything. O warm!

Your proud will be dismissed, sure.
I, awaiting for the universe where-
There is no warm and there is no rose sick,
Cry looking upwards!

O warm! How long how long?

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