Lessons Learn from life

When I was just five, I started learning my first alphabets. Naturally, I was more into dolls than books. As a result, my grades declined a lot.
My mom came up with a wonderful solution. She asked me to teach my dolls. Teaching those inanimate objects was really fun. I also had to read stories to my dolls, just to practice storytelling.
Gradually, I got so hooked to story books that I could finish almost three books a day. Reading helped me achieve my academic goals too.
When girls of my age rode on tricycles, I had to sit in a baby- walker, to learn walking. Fairy tales were my only friends in those long, painful hours.
Since childhood, I never had many human friends because of the way I walked. I can’t put my left foot flat on the ground; it is two inches shorter than the right, due to my premature birth. I walk on my right foot and left fingers. Now I have to use a walking- stick when I go out.
My classmates seldom came to play with the lame girl during recess, so again I had to seek refuge in my books.
At the age of twelve, I began writing. I love pouring my heart on paper, as it has more patience than people.
Even today, books console me when I’m blue, pens give me strength to trudge forward and face the challenges.
So I’d say books and pens, forever friends.

Teenage life- The bridge between childhood and adulthood. Parents of teenage children usually have a lot of complains against them. “Why is my child so ill-mannered?” “Why does she quarrel with us?”
Did you ever try to look behind your child’s mind? Did you try to find out what is beyond those changing attitudes? Rapid physical changes are responsible for this. Hormonal changes make the teenagers change mentally. Some teenagers cannot cope up with these rapid changes. They become introverts all of a sudden.
Share your feelings. Even little chit-chats about daily activities will help your child open the doors of his/her mind to you.
Mothers, teach your daughters about the transformation from girl to woman. Teach her about the physical changes coming her way. Fathers can do the same with boys.
What to wear, and what not to wear? A very common question for some Asian girls. Obviously, girls between thirteen and nineteen like to wear fashionable clothes. Help them to pick outfits and ornaments which are both trendy and sober.
Take them to long drives, or to a nice trip. Spending time together will make them comfortable. The more time you spend with them, the more closer they will come to you.
Respect their feelings. Do not try to impose your own decisions on them. Try to find out their interests. Drive them to the field of creativity. Some might like to paint. Help them with the paintings. Others might like music. Help them with the compositions and notations.
Remember, “Fear” is one of your biggest constraints. If you show your temper to your son or daughter, they might get scared to share their feelings with you.
Teenagers are not hard to control. With your love and efforts, you can turn their lives into heavens.

Education is obviously the backbone of a nation. But does it come prior to health? One healthy person means getting one step closer to a better country.
Student life is definitely very harsh. Scholars in various fields of study, for example medical science, engineering etc must study till late at night to fulfill their academic requirements. Those students are often unaware or tend not to care about the health hazards caused by this.
All parents always want their children to shine in life. So, instinctively, they force their children to study more. People who stay up late at night to study gradually decline in their mental and physical condition.
Kazi Falguni Eshita

If students are forced to study certain subjects against their will, instead of the subjects they really want to study, then lack of interest will also cause mental problems.
Parents should also look after their children’s food habits during student life. Healthy food always means a healthy brain. Junk food should be avoided as much as possible.
Remember, you can be a great influence on your child during those hardships of student life. A little care can turn your child into a gem.

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