Dear readers
Peace be upon you. Hope you, along with your family and friends, are fine. When people are happy they indulge in games and sports and other modes of enjoyment. Video game, be it on mobile phone or on tab and computer, is one of the popular sort of games to the present generations. In the wake of shrinking time and space coupled with traffic congestions and children’s safety concerns kids find the corner of their room cozy and convenient to clash with the opponent in a virtual game. Role playing, competition, suspense and even religious or irreligious tones are there. Some games are really interesting while some are thought-provoking. As most of the game developers are predominantly Christian in beliefs and thoughts so they tend to pick the themes like Bible, Christ and the crusades where they won etc. So we have picked up the issue of video games to explore whether they are racially biased or people oriented. The story delves deep into the matter why Muslim myths are being neglected as the themes of the games. Why do the Asians lag behind in making games with Asian religions like Islam is also exposed? Why Muslims or Arabs are maligned is also focused on. Hope you will like the story and send us comments.
See you next month inshaallah. n

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