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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah. Hope you are keeping well so are we. There is a ringing call all over the energy-starved world for energy safety, particularly for the poor and remote villagers. These types of people need cheap and sustainable energy supply. Solar energy can be answer to the call. So we’re running a story on solar energy as the cover story of this month.
Dear subscribers
Scientific inventions and evolutions from time immemorial have been helping the humanity with ease. Since the process of patenting kicked off every invention is catalogued and patented. Not only the scientific gadgets but different branches of knowledge of humanities and commerce groups and their key research findings are being patented. Key studies, their findings in commerce faculties are being journalised and stored as intellectual properties under certain international laws like intellectual property rights. On top of all some natural resources river water to neem trees are being patented by certain nation states. Knowledge is not free or cheap rather it is costly and unavailable to the people without penny. Most of the quality articles available on journals likeElsevier, ScienceDirect, Mimas, Scopus etc are costly and beyond the means of pupils of the most of second and third world countries. We are afraid some days will come when only rich will have access to knowledge.
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