Dear Readers
Assalamu Alaikum. Hope you are keeping well. We are running the cover story on historical cities which are on the periphery of the Muslim world. The story explores if any culture flourishes and wins people’s hearts in its frontier or bordering towns then it can be assumed that the very culture will go beyond the national boundaries. If values of the people on the other side of the fence go up people tend to cross the border to live in the country nurturing values. Similarly if salary, life-expectation, living standard find meteoric rise massive migration takes place from poor area to richer one, from country or continent to rich country or continent.

As a city in the heart of Bangladesh, Dhaka is getting syndromes like many other capitalist cities. Over 90 per cent of the wealth is concentrated in Dhaka and Chittagong. Better education, treatment, jobs, entertainment, courts, offices, civic amenities etc are available in the capital. But the cities in the periphery are withering day by day which border with cities of India and Myanmar.There seemingly least or no possibility for Bangladeshis to have fair share of development like those of Scandinavian countries — Norway, Sweden, Denmark. If Bangladesh fails to bring a quality change to the people living in the bordering cities and villages Bangladesh will never stand out in this region. Our independence will be meaningful to everyone only then when the benefit of development will be shared with commoners across the country. Hope you will like the article.

Meet you next month inshaallah.

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