Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Hope as you are fine so are we. In the wake of repeated lightning and thunder bolts we are running a story on lightning. Hope you will like the article. I am here adding some tips what you need to follow in time of lightning.

1. Take shelter under a roof. If there is frequent thunderstorm, it is better to not be open or high in any place. This is best if you can take shelter in a building.
2. Stay away from high trees and electricity lines. If there is thunderstorm, then there is a possibility of thunderstorm in high trees or electricity pole. So do not go to these places or stay nearby. The possibility of thunderstorm on a big tree etc. is very high.
3. Stay away from the windows. Do not stay close to the windows when there is lightning during the thunderstorm. Keep the windows closed and stay in the house.
4. Avoid Metallic Objects. Do not touch metal, stair railing, pipes etc. during the lightning and storm. Do not even touch landline telephones. During the thunderbolt they were exposed and many were injured.
5. Avoid touching all electric appliances connected with TV-fridge during lightning. Do not grab TVs, refrigerators, etc. If you get thunderstorm, open the plugs before it is completely disconnected.
6. If you are in a car during lightning try to return home as fast as possible. If there is heavy thunderstorm and rain, then take the car under a carriage or under the roof. Hand car glass handling can be dangerous at this time.
7. Water is not surprising during the rainy season. It is most likely that an electric cable may remain dangling from an electric pole. There is also the possibility of lightning if lightning occurs nearby.
8. Walking without shoes or wearing leather shoes is not safe. Rubber shoes or gumboot will do the best thing in this case.
9. Keep an eye on the four sides of the road during the lightning. If someone is injured, try to take him to hospital quickly.

Hope you will stay safe up until we return to you often and again.

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