Editorial November 14

EdiroalDear Brothers and Sisters,
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
We are passing through difficult a time when the youths are caring less about their society and religion and taking part in many activities that were, decades ago, condemned by the people. Tattooing and body piercing are two of them. These two are harmful for health, against the modern civilization and haraam for the Muslims. In Bangladesh, the practice of tattooing and body piercing started half a decade ago and very unfortunately, some mainstream national dailies are promoting the practice. So, we decided to stand against it and chose our cover story for you. Read it and be enlightened.
The winter is approaching. Get prepared with your warm clothes if you want to keep yourself fit in this time. You can even organize a warm clothes collection campaign in your locality. Make a group with your friends and asked your parents and neighbors to donate the outdated clothes and hand over the pool of old clothes to those who are engaged in the distribution. It’s time to show humanity!
Also, most of you are going to enjoy a month long vacation after the ensuing examination. So, start planning for the vacation. Fix some targets and put your effort to achieve them. We believe, we have provided you enough materials on making a plan and achieving the targets through our ‘living’ corner. And, let us know how you have enjoyed the vacation!
Keep in touch with your mag.
Allah Hafez

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