Kazi Falguni Eshita

Trapped in a jute sack
Wrapped in an old rag,
I wept: “Mom and Dad, I’m in here!”
But you? Where oh where?
I was beside a wooden bridge
It was cold, just as a fridge.
Hunger and fear surrounded me
I just waited to be free.
“Mom and Dad, I’m in here!”
Looked for you, but found nowhere.
She looks ill, to the hospital?
Oh no, that might be fatal!
But look, she’s a newborn baby,
Caring for her won’t be so heavy.
Come on now, don’t be so foolish!
We’ve got to wait for the police.
Scared I wept: “Mom and Dad, I’M IN HERE!”
Take me away, I know you care.
I couldn’t move, I was so feeble,
Even to breathe I was not able.
By the time the police appeared,
All my signs of life disappeared.
Why oh why did you do this to me?
Just for pleasure? You knew I couldn’t be?
Mom to you: Was I a ten-month-long load?
Dad to you: Was I a mere mouse or toad?
I was a child to be loved and cared,
To be caressed, fondled and admired.
That day on earth was my first,
You forced me to breathe my last!

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