Md. Abdul Jalil Akhand

Divine Palestine,
Since the civilization shine,
You made place in mankind,
By started the journey of erudite.

A haven was entrenched in your land,
A violin in your fairy’s hand,
A soiree was always ringing,
And thus peace was shining.

Your earth was unadulterated,
The verse of monotheism reiterated,
Thus you made the world vivid,
and also, zeal and neat.

I am your cursed heir,
your nefarious conspirator,
Make your picture
bloody by heinous terror.


A Stormy Weather
Golam Kibria

Its not an idyll, not a fairytale too, but
why my beloved’s fairytale is playing in
My mind? Will nature give me bitterness,
As a reward? Why my armchair is shaking.

Oh my love! You appeal me to be a storm
Or to be more than that. But I didn’t.
But how nature could digest that appeal?
Rain is falling down, storm is coming.

Sea is swelling, instead hospitable
Boats are stirring, paddy fields are
together with. Ceiling is nowhere.
Who will guard the householder?

Little child!! Be not afraid. Swear you
To gift a story. O storm! Dont go away.
I have to compose a story. That will read
The child. And is awaiting to applaud me.

The writer is a student of Notre Dame College, Dhaka


The Sound I Can Hear
Md. Eftekhairul Islam Mithun

The green meadow’s full of crowd
Shouting, noising, clashing, pressing and sounding loud.
I make a way out; to be out of harms
I’m accompanied with the sky.
With the clouds, the bird’s helpless flying,
I enjoy the lightening that clouds telling.
That keeps me and my friend’s photograph together;
I’m in far, wandering in the way of life;
Searching the beauty, that’s fully unknown to me.
I’m wandering from the Friday Night
It was raining, surrounding silent
I was afraid, if I could fall down
My woolen cloth might muddy,
Alone I stood still.

The singing of insect made my surrounding gloomy
My heart was beating loudly
I was hearing its sound
The distance light was coming, I was brave.
It came one, two, three, four
And hundreds and hundreds.
I caught their boss to tell my words
“I’ve lost my hope”
“I’m a stranger, walking thirty years in the life desert”
“Can’t find that! Hear me,
Oh glow worm! I’ve chosen you!”
You’ve light to see the world
You’ve wings, flying over the sea;
“Bring me there, where!
Where the beauty is glorious”

They turned right, I followed their way
They’re flying and I was walking.
Where the beauty! I was thirsty.
They stopped, made a circle, waiting in a queue.
I saw a gate green but could not read!
One by one the worms were vanished!
I kept my hand in the gate
The clouds clash enlightened the world
I jumped! O a grave yard, running back
I heard a sound, “O way farer! I’m the truth beauty;
I’m the best justice, beauty is my Aroma”

The soil water wearing the moon,
Made the vast sky moonless!
I was the innocent,
Now! I’m the experienced seduced emptiness famous.


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