A Martyr from Khandak War

The historical Khandak war was already started. The leader of “AIUS” group from Madina, Saa’d Ibn Mayaz was getting prepared to join the battle. While passing by the fort of “Bonu Haresa” Saa’d’s mother said to him,

“Son, you are falling back in the group. Hurry up! Go quickly!”

During the battle Mayaz was so severely injured with discharged arrows that he could not make himself sustain at the battle ground. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought him hurriedly in his tent near a mosque. Mayaz could not get himself up for the battle from then. His condition started getting worse with time. But he did not worry for his condition. Rather he was regretting that he was in his bed instead of being a part of the war to fight against the enemies of Islam. Only one thought was chasing his mind all the time that if he dies this way, he will not be able to take part in the upcoming more crucial wars where he could give the Kafirs a perfect lesson! Nevertheless, he started to pray to Allah Subhanawa’tala,

“O my lord! Please make me stay alive if there are still more significant wars left to fight against Quarish people. I always have passions to defeat them. Because they hurt Your Rasul (PBUH), they propagated falsehood on his name and get him out from Makka. Else, if there no such intense war is left, then I don’t have regrets to die this way.”

After the Khandak war, actually there was no severe war occurred against the Quraish. During the time of taking over Makka no big collisions happened except some minor ones.

Khandak war ended finally. And Mayaz did not recover. Rather he was getting close to death. One day the moment of his last breathe came. Hearing the news of his death, Prophet (PBUH) came running to Mayaz’s tent and took his head on his lap. Hazrat Abu Bakar, the emblem of peace, truth and deep patience spoke out,

“My waist has been broken with Mayaz’s death.” Prophet (PBUH) heard his words wrapped up with pain and tried to console him,

“Don’t say like that Abu Baker!”

Lion-hearted Umar (R), sitting beside Mayaz was crying profusely. Mayaz’s mother also came in a run knowing his son passed away. With tearful eyes she mentioned firmly,

“Through heroism, patience and solidity my boy became fortunate and successful today!”

Translated by Ilham Osman
From Abul Asad’s Aamra Shei She Jati

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