The Most Faithful Legend By Md. Eftekhairul Islam

The Most Faithful Legend By Md. Eftekhairul IslamThe Holy Qur’an tells that Islam is a complete set of laws and the way of life. So, no doubt about it and it is the guidance provided through the Holy Qur’an by Allah, the Creator of the Universe and components of the Universe from the smallest and shortest to the largest and the highest creations, especially for the mankind. Islam covers the things people do in their lifespan. Islam tells us the purpose of our creation, our final destiny and our place among other creatures. It directs us the best way to face our private, social, political, economic, moral and spiritual affairs of life.
Islam is an Arabic word which implies submission and obedience. But in our country, we say that Islam means peace. Yes, that’s true. But the question comes out of activities. We live peacefully at home when we get our demands for running our life. When we can manage a good mark in examination, we feel peace. So, ask a question to you that how are the peace acquired? The answer is very easy to you, I guess! By reading attentively and by hard working you could manage a good result. Similarly, by doing some certain work mentioned in the Holy Script the peace comes. For example, the sun, the moon, the stars and the wave of seas are following the laws strictly, so there is no chaos seen in the universe. The rules are submission and obedience.
Today I will tell you about a person whose weight of virtues will be more than the weight of virtues of the world people. I am depicting some clues for your consciousness about the man. He was born about two and a half years later, when Hazrat Muhammad (SM) was born in Mecca. He was born in the same community of Muhammad (SM). He ruled over Arabia about two and a half years after the death of Muhammad (SM). Couldn’t you recollect his name? He was entitled ‘Siddique’- testifier to the truth and the first Khalifah- Caliph or successor to the Prophet in Islam. I think you can get his name! Yes, the man is Hazrat Abu Bakkar Siddique (RA), the man of belief. He all time stayed around Prophet (SM) in danger and in happiness too.
Hazrat Abu Bakkar Siddique (RA) was the first Khalifah in the Islamic history. It was 632 when Muhammad (SM) had left us forever. The prophet is no more, who will lead the Islamic community? The question about Emperor is raised. That was the question in the mind of all those presented at the Masjidun Nabi. It was a crucial matter as a family cannot run without its chief. So, how a community can run without its leader? No, it cannot. This demand proved the importance of leadership, without which a community becomes disarranged and indiscipline, and then loses its potential and prospects.
After much discussion and agreement on the question of leadership, Abu Bakkar (RA) was elected unanimously as the leader of the Muslim community. He was the first to succeed the Prophet (SM), and was the First Khalifah of the Muslims. He was elected on the basis of followership, as he acted like deputy when Muhammad (SM) was ill.
After his election as the Khalifah, Ahu Bakkar (RA) addressed the Muslims with these words:
“O people, I have been chosen by you as your leader, although I am no better than any one of you. If I do any good, give me your support. If I do any wrong, set me right.” He again said, “Listen, truth is honesty and untruth is dishonesty.” “The weak among you are the powerful in my eyes, as long as I do not get them their due. The powerful among you are weak in my eyes, as long as I do not take away from them what is due to others”, Aub Bakkar (RA) continued, “Listen carefully, if people give up striving for the cause of Allah, He will send down disgrace upon them. If a people become evil-doers, Allah will send down calamities upon them. Obey me as long as I obey Allah and His messenger. If I disobey Allah and His messenger, you are free to disobey me.”
Abu Bakkar (RA) understood the values of believing Allah and following His messenger. It was the main aspect in his trust in heart that without trusting Allah and following the advice and activities of Muhammad (SM), ruling the state was not easy and it is an act of evil. Abu Bakkar (RA) was asking people to obey him only if he obeyed Allah and His messenger. Such was the first Khalifah of the Muslims. Indeed, the world would be a better place to live in if we had leaders like Abu Bakkar (RA).
He was the first among the Prophet’s friends to accept Islam, at the beginning. He accompanied the Prophet during the Hijrah to Madinah. Abu Bakkar (RA) was a merchant in profession. He freed many slaves, including Bilal RA and Umayya Bin Qahaf. He participated in all the battles which the Prophet (SM) had to fight against unbelievers. He loved his faith more than anything else.
There was a great example that is impossible today. The father wants to kill his son! Yes, he was Abu Bakkar (RA). His son, Abdur Rahman (RA), was fighting against Muslims/believers at Badr. One day, after accepting Islam Abdur Rahman (RA) told his father:
“O father, at Badr, you were twice under my sword, but my love for you held my hand back.” To this, Abu Bakkar (RA) replied, “Son, if I had you only once under my sword, you would have been no more.”
He was so uncompromising in his faith.
At the time of Tabuke, Abu Bakkar (RA) donated all his belongings to the War Fund, and when the Prophet asked, “What have you left for your family?” He replied, “Allah and His messenger”.
When the news of the Prophet’s (SM) death made some new Muslims think that the Islamic state would crumble and they refused to pay the Zakath.
Abu Bakkar (RA) declared: “By Allah! Even if a single kid is due from a man, he must give it. If he refuses, I will declare war against him.”
The Most Faithful Legend By Md. Eftekhairul IslamAbu Bakkar (RA) had taken some action against the depression of unbelievers to the Muslims- against Iranian empire, against Iranians in Iraq and against Romans. Abu Bakkar (RA) advised to the Muslims Army as follows:
Always fear Allah; He knows what is in men’s hearts.
Be kind to those who are under you and treat them well.
Give brief directions; directions that are too long are likely to be forgotten.
Improve your own conduct before asking others to improve theirs.
Honour the enemy’s envoy.
Maintain the secrecy of your plans.
Always speak the truth, so that you get the right advice.
Consult your men when you are free to do so; this will develop participation.
Take suitable measures to keep a watch on the army.
Be sincere to all with whom you deal.
Give up cowardice and dishonesty.
Give up bad company.
One of the most contributions of Abu Bakkar (RA) was the collection and compilation of AL-Qur’an. The first Muslim Emperor after Rasullulah (SM), Hazrat Abu Bakkar (RA) lived a simple, pious and upright life. He was a true servant of Allah and a meticulous follower of the Prophet (SM). The man fell ill during this time he died on 21 Jumadiul-Akhir 13 AH (22 August 634 CE). His rule lasted two years and three months. He is a remarkable and generous personality and the Emperor of emperors, whom dishonesty did not dare to touch a bite.
Ya Allah! Give us power to grab honesty and to through away mischievous deeds that will be transformed into snake here after to kiss us.
No dare we have to see that sight! Want to drink your forgiveness!

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