Khurram Jah Murad: one of the most influential leaders of Islamic movement in the world

Basharat Hossain Dilshad

Khurram Jah Murad is an Islamic intellectual, writer, reformist and orator who take an important place in the mind of dawah workers all over the world. In professional life, he was an architect of modern Islamic revival.
Khurram Jah Murad was born at Bhopal in India in 1932 and reared up there till 1947. Before 1947, He accomplished his primary, secondary and tertiary educational certificates from the local educational institution of his home town and migrated to Pakistan in 1948. As a brilliant student of civil Engineering, Jah Murad secured the first place in his bachelor degree (BEng) in 1952 from the University of Karachi. In 1958, he achieved Master’s degree (MSc.) from the University of Minnesota, USA.
This distinguished scholar began his professional life as a consulting engineer and worked at different places as in Karachi, Dhaka, Tehran and Riyadh. During 1975-1976, as the chief engineer and the resident director of ‘associated consulting engineers Ltd, he was in charge for the original design and electrification for the expansion of the Masjid Al-Haram in makkah and placed an imperative contribution in the formulation and execution of the plans for the expansion of the Haram Shareef.
Due to his devoted activities for Islam, he was chosen as the editor of the monthly Tarjumanul Qur’an, Lahore (the most superior Qur’anic journal) In 1992.he was also the editor of the quarterly Muslim World Book Review, UK.
It was the latent dream of Jah Murad to establish an Islamic state and was never comeback from his dream in his life. As a holy work, he was the initiator of the Jamaat-e-islami in Bhopal in his early student life and became the member of Jamiat-e-talaba in Pakistan in his University life. This dedicated man spent an important period as the vice president and the president of the same organization in Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively. Jah Murad was a trustee and a Director General of the Islamic Foundation in Leicester, UK, the renowned Islamic knowledge supplier.

To ensure the legal rights of mass people, Jah Murad faced different crucial moments in his life and was detained in prison without trial in 1964 in Dhaka for three months .During indo-Pakistan war in 1971, he was also a prisoner for many years but not hesitate to work for the nation.
To wake up the sleepy mind of Muslim youth,Jah Murad wrote many erudite books and articles in Urdu and English and delivered valuable speech around the world which influenced the almost two generations of Muslim. He was also the amazing translator as well as the editor of the work of syed Abul Ala Maududi and Abul Hasan Ali Nadawi. His writing for children is praiseworthy. He edited and directed a video on ‘The life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’.
Some of his major works in English are: Way to the Quran, Key to Baqarah,The Quranic Treasures, slam-the easy way, who is Muhammad, Gifts from Muhammaf,shariah-the way of justice,shariah-the way of God, interpersonal relationship, in the early hours: Reflections on spiritual and self development,sacrificethe making of a muslim,fawah among Non-Muslims in the west, Islam and terrorism, the Islamic movement: Dynamics of values power and change, Islamic movement in the west: Reflections on some issues, dying and living for Allah (his last will) and so more.
Some of his well read booklets in Urdu are: Remembrance of God, Meeting with theLord,Honesty,Loving Allah, Jealousy and Envy, Lawful sustenance, intention and action, Love of the world, Life of the heart, Forgiving mistakes, Reality of piety, the way to elevation and so more.
Khurram Jah Murad sacrificed his whole life for the satisfaction of Allah through non-stop dawah activities in Asia, Europe, and Africa and thus all over the world. As the chief of spiritual training program of Islamic movement in Asia and Europe region, he employed the highest effort to build the Islamic men and women having fresh mind and missionary thinking.

To spread the true message of Islam among another nation, khurram Murad arranged and participated in many interfaith dialogue programs, conferences and seminars all over the world for the last twenty year and delivered peaceful lectures. over four hundred audio and video lectures are available at different websites like,
Some of his books, article and lectures are translated to different languages including Bengali, be a great man, we should study and follow the writings and life of the great man like Khurram Jah Murad.
This intellectual died on Thursday 19th December 1996 at the age of 64 years at the Glenfield hospital, Leicester, UK.

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