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Knowing Islam Motivation to Learn - Fahmida MehreenMust thoroughly understand his or her religion because religion defines the way of life for a person. It is not only about worshipping and praying; it encompasses a person’s faith coupled with societal norms. Therefore, having proper knowledge and understanding of one’s religion is very important.
Islam is among the widely practiced religions in the world. There are about 1.8 billion Muslims, which is 24.1% of the total population (as per study in 2015). During recent times, an uprising trend to learn Islam and to attain vivid knowledge on Islamic history and culture is being noticed. As such, it is of utmost importance to keep up one’s motivation when learning about Islam. Psychology says that motivation drives people to action. Motivation is required by people of all ages and in all environments to keep a person going forward. People often ask themselves that, “Why am I doing this?” or “Why am I here?” This question has been answered by Allah himself in the Quran:
“Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer – We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward (in the Hereafter). [16:97]
This verse demonstrates to us that the hope for rewards keeps a person motivated. And for a Muslim, the ultimate reward for devotion to Allah and dedication to Islam is to attain Jannah in the hereafter.
In order to keep up ones motivation, it is important to maintain two things sturdily: (i) sincerity and (ii) commitment.
Knowing Islam Motivation to Learn - Fahmida MehreenWhen pursuing knowledge about spirituality and faith, it is crucial to maintain regularity and practice. One must focus and reflect from time to time as to why he or she is making the efforts to learn Islam and what he or she can achieve from it. The person must realize that in the process of learning with the right intention, the person is also performing an act of worship. Any action performed solely to please the Almighty, is equivalent to worshipping. Moreover, while doing research works and obtaining familiarity with the niceties of Islam, the person should have clear idea about Satan. It will help the person to know the dos and do-nots of a Muslim and the reasons behind it. Starting from knowing the authentic facts about expel of Adam (PBUH) and Even from Paradise to how Satan became the enemy of human kind, a person should have proper knowledge about Satan and his promised actions in accordance with Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) in his Hadith. The person should know the characteristics and traits of Satan which has made him man’s biggest enemy from the status of an angel. This knowledge will enable the person to stay put on the righteous path and not get strayed.
While striving to gain knowledge on Islam, Allah, and His Prophets, the person must make plenty of Dua. Dua is believed to be the most powerful weapon of a believer. The person should seek guidance from his Lord and make Dua for Him to bestow patience upon him so that he or she can carry on with the task earnestly. Allah, the Helper, the Most Merciful, is always willing to respond to the call of His servants. With Allah’s help, the work of the researching person will become more fruitful and satisfying. It will bring an inner contentment to the person, which is highly important for a person to stay motivated.
In addition to all these, what is important for a person studying Islam is to remain committed and not to let failure stop him or her. Like any other tasks, failure may strike in the work for Allah too. But one must not be demotivated by it and stop; instead, he or she should take a break, re-plan, and continue thereon. The person may chalk out his area of study and break them into small attainable portions which will make the process of learning easier and help to find motivation.
Knowing Islam Motivation to Learn - Fahmida MehreenTo sum up, it is highly essential for the person not to stay stagnant. The person must remember that through the motion of attaining knowledge on Islam, he or she is actually strengthening his or her relationship with Allah and His Prophets, hence building a path to Paradise. What can be greater and worthier than this!
So, start your journey to learn Islam from today. Do not leave it for tomorrow, because tomorrow is never promised. Take small steps and wait for the success. Allah will help.

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