Taubah Long Over Due

Ramadan is  a month filled with blessings from Allah (swt). Once this blessed month arrives, one realizes its importance. We are in need for spiritual rejuvenation and revival of  the heart with constant remembrance of Allah (swt). But why?
Because  little does our heart fear Allah’s (swt) wrath and little do we hope for Allah’s (swt) mercy upon us. We have a heart that doesn’t shed tears for the sake of Allah (swt) and that doesn’t yearn to meet its Creator.
Fast to heal your heart!
Why do we feel so numb when Allah’s (swt) words are recited to us or we read them. While secretly we long for tears or some expression of joy only to find ourselves unmoved by the Divine Discourse? Why? Why? Why? The answer lies in the verse of the Quran that mentions this purpose of fasting in Ramadan:
“O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun.” (Al-Baqarah 2:183)
We hear this verse over and over again; but in all honesty, for many of us it has lost its meaning. Ramadan comes and goes, but nothing changes. We are still inclined towards sins, still mindful of what the world thinks of us but not mindful of Allah’s (swt) commands.
Just imagine- if we were to become of the Al-Muttaqun after this Ramadan, how different we would be? Taqwa has many meanings: one of which is God Consciousness. To always know that Allah (swt) is Ever-Present and we are accountable for all our deeds. If we would always remember that Allah (swt) is watching us, how different would are actions be? Our priorities would change and sins would become disgusting and vulgar to us, as they deserve to be. But sadly, the fact is that sins are not disgusting to us anymore.

Flaunt or not?
Is it not true? We may openly talk about our sins and may flaunt them like they are accolades of the highest degree. Look at me! I am so bold. Where is this boldness when it comes to worshipping Allah (swt)? When it comes to spreading the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah? We feel shy and ashamed when it comes to doing what is right. We lose all vigour to please Allah (swt) like it’s the most tedious task in the world. Our heart doesn’t even want to consider the right choices; because it is afraid of those difficulties that lie ahead.t-1
It is true that in this time and age, wrong doing has been made easy and attractive to us with slogans like “Flaunt it; if you got it!” and “Gotta have it!” We find ourselves swept in the whirlwind of human desires; where because of the lack of God consciousness, we are easily tempted to follow suit. So much talk of wrong doing and evil makes one’s headspin.

Is there any hope/solution?
Alhumdulillah yes! In Islam Allah (swt) gives us the best solutions to our problems.
While the world may not be willing to forgive our faults, our mistakes, Allah(swt) is Ghafoor-ur-Raheem (Most Forgiving ,Most Merciful) He not only forgives us, but is more than willing to forget; but only if we make true Taubah to him.
The moment is now. In these quiet and serene Ramadan days, let’s truly spend time analyzing ourselves and asking, “What sins have I done?

Gates wide open for repentance!
The kind of the Taubah that has been so encouraged in this month. While the devils are chained; let’s take a moment to contemplate:
While we were so busy pleasing our Nafs and being Shaytan’s partner in crime. What did we gain? It’s not a rocket science. We are weighed down by our sins; sins that we have been accumulating all year round. As a result, our hearts are numb up on the mention of Allah (swt) and we can’t motivate ourselves to do good deeds. We don’t fear Him like we should; in fact some of us satisfy ourselves saying: “Allah (swt) samajh jaeyga.” (Allah (swt) will understand)
The moment is now. In these quiet and serene Ramadan days, let’s truly spend time analyzing ourselves and asking, “What sins have I done?” In fact, make a list of all the bad things you can think of.t-2 It may be long before you can stop writing. Or maybe, you can’t even remember the many times you have repeated the same sin in different situations. Make sincere Taubah for each sin you remember and even for the ones you can’t. Ramadan in a golden opportunity for forgiveness:
“Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and hope for reward, his past sins will be forgiven.” (Bukhari)
All that is required is to sincerely repent and pray to Allah (swt) for forgiveness. Truly Ramadan is such a blessed month. Let’s do the Taubah that is long overdue. Taubah that can help us finally be excited about doing good deeds; no matter how small they are. Taubah that makes us increase our sense of accountability in the court of Allah (swt) so that even when we slightly err, we do Taubah fearing Allah’s (swt) anger.
May Allah (swt) give us Taufiq to sincerely repent to Him and never go back to doing those wretched bad deeds ever again. Ameen.

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