Dear Readers,

Assalamu alaikum. Hope this issue will find you well in the month of election. You’ll find everywhere elements of campaigning and electioneering. Electoral role, voters, banners, festoon, political parties, nomination hopefuls, pamphlets, leaflets etc will be talked about in every nook and corner of the country, be it a teastall or drawing room of a home. All the political parties are at the centre of debates and discourse leaving behind the children organizations. These children platforms stay out of focus though a small number of them groom up future leadership in small scale. These children organizations could have done a great job like that of Hilful Fudul which sprouted after the war of Harbul Fijar had ended. Prophet Mohammad  (pbuh) in his early years gave rise to the front to help war-weary Arabs as the World War II devastation inspired William Beveridge to incriminate five giant evils –disease, want, ignorance, squalor and idleness — that plagued war-ravaged Britain. Harbul Fijer gave rise to create Madina-based welfare state in Asia when World War II ushered in to transform UK to be a welfare state in Europe. So in the month of 11th national election we made Hilful Fuduls today our cover story. On top of all Victory Day falls in this when Bangladesh will see light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hope to return to you next month. Allah hafez.

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