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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa magferatuhu wa jannatuhu. A wide spectra of faiths focus on learning religious scripts, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism. Most of these faiths inspire their followers to know and practice the commandments particularly Islam makes it mandatory to learn scripture. As part of learning the scripture the cover story writers wanted to know five pillars of Islam in the eye of a food and nutritionist. The world has seen Islam in the eye of an embryologist, ship captain, astronaut, journalist, general physician, engineer, intelligent agent etc. Those who love Islamic religious texts they love to glorify it as is the case with Christianity or other religions. The writers, one of whom is a nutritionist, have explored why we say prayers, fast in and out of Ramadan and perform hajj. How many calories do we need to perform these religious rituals? Particularly the hajj has been highly focused in the article as Eid-ul Azha is going to be celebrated on August 12 tentatively. Hope you will like the story and look at all of your works in the eye of a nutritionist that may help you to widen your outlook, count the calorie cost of your actions, be it walking, sitting, running, saying prayers, doing jikr and even taking sleep. On top of all you can be totally conscious about your calorie counting and costing as well.
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