Dear thinkers
World is getting unsafe for the dissident voices, prisoners of conscience, practitioners of journalism, religious people, anticorporate, anti – establishment people. The media is muzzled, criticism of the people in power isn’t tolerated and even the social networking and media is sensored. SO  we are running the cover story on meda muzzling. Hope you will like it.

Dear Readers
Against the background of political instability as a student the only thing you can do for the country is that read vastly. It will work as the stepping stone and shelter for you at all times, be it happy or sad moments. Then you can know why and how politics, economics of our motherland are being criminalized and find a way out. Concentrate much on adding value to  your quality and increase your knowledge for future leadership. Your study should be in proportion to academic result. If you find your knowledge is much higher than your diploma then you should pursue further degree. Diametrically if you find your knowledge is much lesser than your diploma you should concentrate on reading to avoid being dishonored. Return to you soon inshaallah.

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