Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Hope you are fine, and so are we. In the wake of destruction of the historic sites, world heritages, past workings of the humanity cultural organizations particularly the UNESCO is working in the area. Bangladesh has got it’s share of world heritage. It has got some heritage sites enlisted by the UNESCO. The story opens the eye of the young people to the matter that how the United Nation wing works on heritage sites and when does it declare one historic place, culture or artifact the World Heritage. The cover story will also show the process of enlisting of heritage sites. In the age of war more and more organizations like UNESCO need to work in preserving the human history, tangible and intangible heritage, protecting them against the onslaught of identity destruction, terrorism on culture, or cultural cleansing. Wherever a war breaks out the culture heritages and historic sites are becoming one of the most vulnerable targets as well as the humanity. So peace is a prerequisite for proper preservation of heritages of the world.

Dear bros and sis
Being healthy is a continuous process. It will be a great mistake if anyone thinks it is not a continuous work. In the time when Bangladesh is facing Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue menaced by mosquitoes, Bird Flu by bird, Nipah virus by bat and Swine Flu by animals. Does it make sense that you will be defeated and die because of a mosquito bite. So take care of your health always. Any minute moment you may be overpowered by little insect like, destroying you health and even taking life. These diseases are quite new which is one of the signs of the nearing Qiamah or Judgement Day as Muslims believe in. Return to you soon inshaallah.

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