The Python and the Thief -Rezaul Karim

He is as hard as rock and is neat six feet seven inches- he is a thief! He can break off the wooden doors or windows, cut through the brick framed wall and jump over tall abandoned buildings. His name is Rosaline. But this stout thief met a terrible danger one day. He was in a theft far from the town, in a remote part of a rural village where there was no electricity or metallic road. It was dark and deep at midnight. He entered into the landlord’s large house, stole gold, cash, jewelries, and he wanted to touch the lord’s shining sword which slipped down instantly. The jingle of the sword awoke the lord and his servants. He rushed out the house, jumped over the half broken wall and escaped into the bush, half a mile away from the house.
The bush was very dark and it was on the bank of a creek which was full to the brim. The thief went as much deep of the bush as he can to avert the eyes of the lord’s security guards. But misfortune hunted him there too. As long as he stepped of, he slipped down and found himself into the creek. He was rubbing the mud and clay that plastered and painted him like a dummy. All of a sudden, he met the worst situation in his life.
First, he ignored it. But it grew louder and louder. He understood the sound is like ‘Hissing.’ He knows, there are no possibilities of anaconda or python here in this part of the village. When the sound became frequent and ferocious, he tried to get out of the creek. But each and every time he fell down into. He made his mind ready to fight back if it attacked. The hissing sound made his inner mind scared! By now, he could see the large wave of water on the other side of the creek in the moonlight. He was sure, it was a python and it was! He saw the large body shape of the snake as it was floating on the water. He tried heart and soul to get out of the water, get out of the bush, and he promised to leave his year old profession once he overcome this unexpected danger.
Unfortunately, all of his attempts went in vein. The python appeared larger than he could imagine, and it became closer enough to swallow him. The python ambushed Rosaline before he could move even an inch. It jerked him tight, and it felt like that Rosaline could hardly breathe. It smashed his bones and fingers, collarbones and chest. The python thrashed Rosaline in the creek water; it seemed that there was a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. Rosaline was unconscious and the python had already swallowed his whole head and broke the collarbone. It grew stronger and angrier. Its hissing sound was scaring all other species in the creek over the bush and the bare field outside the village. The python took Rosaline’s half eaten body on the mud of the creek and made a deep swallow. Oh God! Rosaline’s arms went into its belly. The python went under water for a while, there was no hissing. He was in rest, hopefully. But with all its full force, it appeared on the water again. It swallowed Rosaline, only two percent of his leg was out of the python’s mouth. The python floated lazily on the water and went hiding for some times. When it appeared again, it was like a big drum! It could not swim or move in the creek. It could breathe hard. The python swallowed Rosaline completely. On the lower back of the belly, the python still beard the sign of Rosaline’s shoe. It twisted ferociously, and was hooping up and down in search of comfort.
Poor Rosaline! He wanted to go to the church!

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