Dear well-wishers

Peace be upon you. Hope you are keeping well. New Year is knocking at the next door. It is time we planned a new year. Happy New Year. Everyone is hoping 2017 will be a year good for everyone on the earth. So does the Syrians, Iraqis and the Rohingyas. Three Sunni cities — Aleppo, Mosul and Sittwe — are on the verge of collapse. Poster boys like Alan Kurdi of Syria and Mohammad Toha are being given birth to by the hapless mothers of Syria and Rakhine state of Myanmar. But these boys are dying on Mediterranean Sea shore or River Naf bank failing to shore up their nations. So we are running the cover on ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas from their motherland Myanmar. The story delves deep into the crisis and outlines the way out immediately. It also points finger at the failures of Suu Kyi, de facto leader of Myanmar, and the Rohingya leadership’s stupidity in not learning Myanmar language as well as English. In this world of multilingualism Rohingyas only speak ‘Bengali in local dialect’. Monolinguism may always invite danger for a nation. Rohingya is a glaring example. Similarly Bangladeshis working in Arab countries shy away from learning Arabic. So they earn much less than those of Indians, Philipinos and Sri Lankans. Hope you will like the story and Bangladesh government can declare 2017— a trilingual year.

Hope to return to you soon.

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