Dear Readers,
The holy Ramadan has left with an urge to remain steadfast on the right way. We have celebrated Eid-ul Fitr and now have been engaged again in choirs of daily life. But what does it mean to remain steadfast? We are now living in an extraordinarily difficult time. What we should possibly do in such a situation? We have looked for an example who can offer some guidelines in such a situation, may be in some different way. We all know him very well. Yes, he is our dearest poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. But have we ever thought about him and his work that deeply in order to seek something that can enlighten us in real life.
Dear lovers of poetry,
Yes, we love the poetry of Kazi Nazrul. His verses have and always will empower our soul. The inner strength and internal power of his verses have always mesmerized the readers. But will we just remain mesmerized? What did he want to say? What was his attitude? What was his underlying message beneath the apparent verses?
We have to study Kazi Nazrul in all perspectives, from every possible point of view. He was the rebel poet, we all know. But rebel for what? Rebel against what? He was rebellious against tyranny and oppression. Does such oppression and tyranny exist today? If yes, what we can learn from Kazi Nazrul to handle this situation? Being rebellious? Yes, that is true to a certain level. Yes, we want to be rebellious but our weapon is pen, not sword. We wanted to focus light on that special characteristics of our favorite poet.
Dear Nazrul lovers,
Not only in poetry, we have tried to focus on Nazrul’s role as a journalist where his pen had more freedom and power to express his view against oppression and disorder. Nazrul’s pen never stopped as long as he was physically capable. In prose and poetry, his pen told us about the golden days of Islam. At the same time whipped against those who are unjust, who abuses religion for personal gain. In every perspective we can learn from Nazrul and can sharpen our own pens to write against unjust activities, against oppression and tyranny in the name of religion.

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