In the light of Holy Quran

Backbiting is prohibited in Islam

And do not backbite one another.
(Surah No. 49, Al-Huzrat, Verse No. 12)

Dear brothers and sisters we know that backbiting play a very dirty part in iccreasing mutual differences and divisions. The two parties become so much suspicious of each other that no room of good impression is left. Everything of the opponent is taken against itself whatever situation it may be.

Through experiences of the human society, we may say that during friendly discussion or gossip, gibat mostly happens within a few minutes and the record of gibat is switched on. Allah is the owner of honour. He, who dishonours a fellow Muslim through gibat and other means, encroaches upon the property of Allah. Gibat is one of the worst habits of human beings. It destroys all virtues and good works. It virtually destroys everything. If a person indulges in gibat, his good works of whole life even, are turned useless and meaningless.

The criticism should be always be avoided. The criticism is the nature of Iblees and not of Adam (pbuh). We must be tolerant to the inadequacies of the persons around and below us. Allah could make my subordinate or a servant my master. We must be tolerant towards our servant and be grateful to Allah. We should look at the fellow Muslims in the same way. We should better close our eyes to the defects of the fellow beings.

Md. Moshiur Rahman
Principal, Islami Bank International School & College

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