Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
Hope you are keeping up though the campuses of the country are in dire need of congenial atmosphere to study, to flourish and to be groomed to be future leaders of the country. Educational campuses are missing the sprit of moving forward. They are missing the sense of unity to go forward. Political camps are busy in recruiting political goons to attain the student leaders’ political goals. Capitalists under the guise of studentship are prowling through the educational institutes. In name of student politics they are playing the roles of puppets of politicians. Seemingly none is concerned about the welfare of students. As the politicians hostage the common people to earn their bread and butter, so the students drop tender, set fire to their hostels, rape their fellows, torture their teachers and even kill their friends. In the same way teachers without any target of grooming students rather do jobs like those of clerks as they lack moral motivation, financial incentive, better pay and the inner urge to study. They are seemingly goalless, devoid of passion for their profession and more inclined to political affiliation. As the campuses are backtracking on global scale we are running the cover story on our educational campuses. Hope you will like the story and to return to you next month inshaallah.

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