My Son

Nanziba Jaheen Apshara

Waiting for my son in the bus stand everyday,
Roads filled with cars & people.
Often I look at his picture & cry!
No phone calls since he left me in old homage!
Getting older & weaker!

Nothings new everyone comes & goes but my son…
Every happy & sad moment I remember with my son
Very often I think I might die.
Eagerly I wait for you every second when will he come?
Running in streets following strangers, thinking as son.

Counting my last days as they pass by!
On the bed now, can’t stand in the bus stand or
run in the streets.
My hopes are almost being shattered.
Extremely unhappy I am today as a mother!
Sacrificing all those for you was nothing but useless!!!

Running in the death line
I am really your mother?
God sees all but still if you come now I’ll forgive you.
Hope is still in my heart that you will come to me!
The hopes gone with her & really

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