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Professor Panini 0

Professor Panini

Matthew Grigg Before my many years’ service in a restaurant, I attended a top science university. The year was 2023 and I was finishing the project that would win me my professorship. In the end, it resulted in my becoming a kitchen employee.

Mouse 0


Fredric Brown Bill Wheeler was, as it happened, looking out of the window of his bachelor apartment on the fifth floor on the corner of 83rd Street and Central Park West when the spaceship from Somewhere landed.

Gene Wars

Gene Wars

Paul Mcauley On Evan’s eighth birthday, his aunt sent him the latest smash-hit biokit, Splicing Your Own Semisentients.

Attention, People of Earth 0

Attention, People of Earth

Paul Simms We are on our way to your planet. We will be there shortly. But in this, our first contact with you, our “headline” is: We do not want your gravel. We are coming to Earth, first of all, just to see if we can actually do it. Second,...

The needs of the new 0

The needs of the new

Da’an almost made an uncontrolled movement as a bright flash suddenly appeared in the middle of his office. The flash shimmered for a while, then the light faded away, leaving something behind. He slowly closed the file he had been reading and waved the datastream away. He was just considering...