Pain, Pain, Go Away! By Kazi Falguni Eshita

Pain, Pain, Go Away! By Kazi Falguni EshitaDear Readers, can you name someone who doesn’t suffer from physical pain at any point in his or her life? None, correct? Did you ever wonder how to get rid of that nagging, distressing and excruciating feeling without any prescription medication?
Personally, I suffer from a constant, sometimes unbearable pain in a certain part of my body since puberty, let’s not go into details of that right now. The thing is, if you’re allergic to pain medications like me or if you don’t really enjoy being under the influence of Ibuprofen, Di Clofenac Sodium or Paracetamol all the time, would you like to know how to fight with physical pain otherwise? Let’s take a look:
Drink Water: Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I always keep count of the number of times I refill my 500 ml water cup a day. 4 refills usually help me a lot. Dehydration normally makes the symptoms of headaches or backaches worse.
Eat and sleep well: Instead of ingesting a lot of confectionary items or sugary drinks on a regular basis, bring plenty of leafy greens and soy products in your diet. Try to have a fixed bedtime and wake up time both on weekdays and weekends. Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated. Don’t forget to reduce the amount of lights around you as much as possible at least 15 minutes before going to bed. Moreover, please shut down all types of screens at least an hour before going to bed.
Pain, Pain, Go Away! By Kazi Falguni EshitaKeep moving: I usually suffer more when I don’t move at all. Normally, my physical pain decreases when I walk from my college campus to the bus stop 4 to 5 days a week, fifteen minutes per day. During vacations, doing and drying the laundry regularly helps me to be mobile. Movement is crucial if you need to deal with constant pain like mine.
Massage: I always keep body lotions and painkiller ointments like Moov and Bengay everywhere around me. I watch massage videos on YouTube and apply that on myself. Physical touch makes the pain subside gradually.
Love: When I’m in pain I feel much better with a baby on my lap. Talking with friends and family during those crazy pain attacks seriously works as a great help. Even being with a pet does the trick. Comforting a friend in distress in such pained moments work as my own miracle healer.
Milk: Warm milk with turmeric can reduce pain and inflammation quite easily, though it might not taste very appealing to some of you. Just plain warm milk is much better than the sedatives doctors sometimes prescribe.
Super Fruits: Carefully portioned strawberries grapes and apples can also help fight inflammation, hence reducing pain in the long run.
Pain, Pain, Go Away! By Kazi Falguni EshitaDon’t forget your hobbies: You can always seek refuge in your hobbies whenever physical pain tries to take over you. Go grab a needle and an embroidery frame. Maybe pick up a box of colors and a piece of paper: create a masterpiece. Or use beads to make something to adorn yourself, instead of thinking about the horrendous killer running inside your body. Just don’t let it kill your will power, no way! Distract your mind and the pain will certainly go away.
Music Therapy: Indulge in a good amount of slow music to brush all the negative feelings of the pain off. Many years back, I had to go through a very lengthy physiotherapy procedure, as part of my treatment plan. I am not exaggerating when I say it really was excruciating. My physiotherapist literally ordered me to sing right at the beginning of the therapy sessions, so that I could distract myself. Sometimes the other patients including the therapist himself sang along with me. Remember, the music has to be jolly. Please avoid all types of melancholic music to save your mind from depression during pain. Also, too many instruments in the same song or too much beat can increase the pain.
Pain, Pain, Go Away! By Kazi Falguni EshitaCaffeine: Now for this one to work as a proper pain reliever a few steps has to be followed. If you are not a tea/coffee person use it only as a medicine of your ailments. Besides, if you’re habituated to caffeine and you need to cure your physical pain, do not skip the regular dosage, just add one or two more cups to your menu.
The power of prayer: Last but not the least, comes my most important medicine: prayer. I’ve always seen both my parents recite Surah Yassin whenever any of us siblings fell ill. Personally, listening to Surah Ar Rahman (with English translation) does wonders for me. I also recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Naas and Surah Falak consecutively holding my pain affected area, or I’d give myself a massage after reciting the Surahs. Reciting the Ayat Ul kursi or the Astagfar also helps me. Always remember to offer your Salah, there’s always a miracle in sujood.
Overall, no matter how painful your life might seem, never give up. Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it.

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