Photography: Genocide at The Heart of Europe

There is a sad day in Bosnia and Herzegovina when the people remember the victims of genocide committed by Serbians on innocent Muslims in Srebrenica. Each year new remains, taken from the mass grave locations are being identified and buried in the Memorial Center Poto?ari in Srebrenica. We are presenting the photographs taken by Tarik Samarah, a well known Bosnian photographer.
Tarik Samarah’s interest lies within the field of artistic and documentary photography, and his greatest professional success is the project “Srebrenica – Genocide in the Heart of Europe” – a series of black and white photographs documenting the consequences of the genocide in Srebrenica. He has been working on that project for more than five years.
His photographs were exhibited in many renowned art galleries, museums and public spaces in the world, in the form of solo and group exhibitions, some of which took place at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, the UN headquarters in New York, Galerie du Jour Paris, the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, the Westerbork Memorial Center, the Pordenone Arte Contemporane Gallery in Italy, the travelling exhibitions of Anne Frank Museum in Rabat, Cape Town, and the Museum of the Holocaust and the Illinois Illinois Center, Chicago Skokie Gallery, the Norwegian Center for Holocaust Studies and religious minorities in Oslo, Plaine de Plainpalais in Geneva, and Westminister Abbey in London and many others.
Samarah is the author of two publications of his photographs. The monograph “Srebrenica” was published in two editions, one in Bosnian and English, the other in Catalan and English. Samarah’s photographs are known worldwide through the cover pages of various scientific and research books and publications.
Samarah is an award-winning author. Award of the International Center for Peace “Freedom”, GRAND-PRIX Award for Applied Arts in 2005, Award of the Literary Fair Ljubljana are just some of the acknowledgements he received for his work and dedication.

His photographs make a permanent setting of the Memorial Gallery of 11/07/95 in Sarajevo, a gallery that represents the final goal and the sum of Samarah’s work on this topic. n

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