Dear Readers
Assalamu Alaikum, have you noticed that our youngsters are becoming less imaginative with any academic knowledge for the roots to show their creative side. They are depending too much on the social media to become all-rounder on the general outer world. But, how does it really help? I ask you.
Social media are one of the famous computer-programmed applications that are used for the communication with other people in various societies of the world, by every generations. With their help, nowadays, people can find the latest updates on variety of things such as getting recommendation on finding better places to go on vacations or finding a good book or the genre through a friend who already went to Book Fair or get update of social morale videos and the advertisements etc.
I think, the university students, the people-in professions and as well as the elders who are done with their professional lives and living in distant places, need these social media immensely. By killing a lot of time does not help to do the most important work for any assigned day, as it only delays to reach the destiny.
Once upon a time, manually socialization was an enjoyable thing for the young generations but these media are turning them into phobic, as they are refraining from going out to socialize with other nearby people let alone the long distant ones.
Therefore, dear Readers ask your parents or guardians to become more conscious about how the youngsters’ time spent and to check whether it is a beneficial work.

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