Dear readers, Assalamu Alaikum.  Another new year is here. We have reasons to thank Allah (swt) for the blessings we enjoyed last year. We also need to remain steadfast on achieving positive aspirations despite the mountains of difficulties and oddities we have been facing now for quite sometimes. It is true that crisis have been inflicted upon us- at home and in abroad. Many have been killed here, many more have been lost in the darkness of the time, others have fled their homes for how long they themselves do not know. Out there, tides of Muslim refugees have flooded European coastal lines. Many have been embraced by the Mediterranean. Some have, however, succeeded to smile after a nightmarish journey through the rifle-ridden borders. Crisis has engulfed the Muslim mind as well. We are now divided into more sects than ever and each, this time, is more rigid and hostile to others. We have lost honoring our fellow Muslims. People claiming to be Muslim are now killing innocent civilians in the name of Islam.  Dear youth,  Only a true education could save us. But our education system has failed our young generation. The trust now is completely lost. Situation is even worsening. Corruption has inflicted every step of our education system. Dear brothers and sisters, But Muslims are not allowed to get frustrated. We stand strong even in the darkest adversities. It is the best time to educate ourselves with the necessary knowledge so we can clearly distinguish between black and white. We need to take specific plans for the new year and should remain steadfast to achieve it to the end. We should reach out to our classmates, friends and neighbors with good deeds and behaviors. We need to win, and not defeat, others by serving them in despair. And that is, my dear friends, the true identity of the follower of the prophet Muhammed pbuh.

Be aware of your responsibility
There is a no man free of responsibility in this world. Some responsibilities have been laid on everyone. A man has to realize and understand his responsibilities while doing his duties. He will be held responsible for it whether he is a shivered, cattle driver, or head of an institution, organization, family, office, school, college, university, state and country. The holy prophet said that everyone, even a shepherd will be held responsible for his work, whether he has fulfilled his responsibility towards him or her in discharge of duty or not.

Be aware of your fellows
The holy prophet said: Everyone of you is a ruler and every one of you shall be questioned about those under his rule, the Ameer is a ruler and shall be questioned about his followers; a man is ruler of his family and he shall be questioned about those who are under his care; and a woman shall be questioned about those who are under her care; and a servant shall be questioned about which is entrusted to him.”

We can understand and learn from this Hadith that man only answerable for his actions but also responsible for the well-being and welfare for his dependants. The holy prophet and the Khalifas were so much conscious about the welfare of their subjects that after Hijrat Umar (R.A.A.) became Khalifah, he used to say, “I shall be questioned on the day of Judgement, even if a dog dies hungry and thirsty on the bank of Euphrates.”

Be very much cautious of your duties
Hence, one must be alert and should be very much cautious of one’s duty and take care of all entrusted to him. Otherwise, severe action will be taken against him on the day of Judgement. In conclusion, we pray to almighty Allah to give us mentality to understand the meaning and significance of responsibility, because on the Day of Judgement, Allah will ask us about our deeds and activities of the worldly life.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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