Thunder and Lightning

Ahmed Abdullah Muhtadi
Year 4, Cubitt Town Junior School, London

When the clouds cover the blue sky
People believe the brightness will soon die
Then lightning will strike with a boom
To trees that have met their doom.

The lightning will strike again
But this time will come the rain
Then you’ll see the cold air
While the rain falls on your hair.

You’ll see the rain jump
You’ll hear it’s quite stump,
But wait it’s getting so thin and quick
While turning into a see-through stick.

But now the thing that will stop is the rain
And it’s water will get in the drain
Now look at the colours of rainbow,
Which is so big but can never grow.

Smell the beautiful and fresh air,
And look at the big puddles which are everywhere
But remember outside is still cold,
Just like the weather-forest man recently told.

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