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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Hope you are fine. Some of you might have suffered from cold. Just take a little more care of your health, taking some seasonal local fruits and extra fluid. Those who live in Dhaka city know that it is going to be divided into north and south. So far as we know Dhaka is going to the first city to have two mayors in spite of protests from different corners govt is going ahead with its plan to provide better services to the citizens. The plan was approved by the cabinet and then the bill was tabled in Parliament, paving the way for division of the 400-year-old city. However if solution to poor service anywhere lies in the division of that place, the theory can be applied to many sectors including constituencies, divisions, departments, villages, municipalities, ministries etc. Because many people of Bangladesh do not get due services from different govt agencies what they are supposed to. Happiness was either in past or in future never present. We are hoping against hope. As it is a big issue we are making it into cover story of this issue.

Hope to see you next month inshallah.

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