Eid Poems

Eid Fair
M A Rahim

Eid means fair
Eid is dear
Today is delight
Here and there.
Beggar and Millionaire
Embrace each other
Today we’re together
Today is our join-fair.
Thou have given much cheer
With love and tender
And fulfilled our desire
Without hesitation and fear.
Adorable moon presage us
Eid has come
We greet with joy
Welcome Welcome.

Joy of Eid
Afsar Nizam

After the departure of shining afternoon
The evening sky takes the hue red
And when the red gone dark appeared
With a canal black and curved,
Now the canal resembles
The crescent of Eid apart
And if it stand so, I shall be awakening
All the night smart.

Also there shall be the Angels
The Whores ‘n’ Fairies awaken
In the mirth of awakening-night
Offering saline taste of an Ocean
That makes friendship between a pair of han[d],

Forgetting all ills and enmities
Embarrassing the foe as friend then
Having a golden tie giving up the suffering
That are now turned into love and affection.

The garden of Love shall blossom flower
In which dwells the joy of Eid,
The joy which teaches us equity
That’s the base, the core
A hair breadth deviation from which
Shall help none to sustain life indeed.

Poetic Conversion: Mohammad Alamgheer

Habib Reza Akash

You come to make us
Self-denying and holy,
You can remove from the earth
Superstition and the dirt.

You can make this earth
Luminous and fine,
The touch of yours becomes all
Perfect and nice.

When you come to all Muslims,
Bringing complimentary gift,
All become pleasant, delighted
Cheerful and optimist.

You are the most respectful
Of all months,
And the main weapon for the establishment
Of peace on the earth.

You especially bring for us
Kindness, liberation and remission
For you, we have got our
Holy book of “Quran”.

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