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September, 2012

1.    How many rings on the Olympic flag?
a) Six b) Five c) Seven d) Four

2.     What nationality are the most immigrants to the USA?
a) Indian b) Canadian c) Mexican d) Spanish

3.    The word Mongol means what in Mongolian?
a) Brave b) Leader c) Fighter d) Destroyer

4.    What religion was Adolf Hitler?
a) Jews b) Roman Catholic c) Christian d) Hindu

5.    The country which has the greatest population density is:
a) Bangladesh b) China c) Singapore d) Monaco

6.    At What angle above the horizon must the sun be to create a rainbow?
a) 35 degrees b) 90 degrees c) 40 degrees d) 60 degrees

7.    Which Sura has the same number of verses as the number of Sura of Holy Quran?
a) Sura Taqveer b) Sura Yasin c) Sura Nur d) Sura Kahf

8.    In which sura Besmillah came twice?
a) Sura Furkan b) Sura Naml c) Sura Taubah d) Sura Sajdah

9.    In which year did the Muslims lose the last city of Spain (Andalusia)?
a) 1492 b) 1249 c) 1509 d) 1530

10.    In the battle of Tabuk, who was mainly being fought against?
a) Persians b) Jews c) Christians d) Romans

Answer of

Can you answer:

1.(b), 2.(c), 3.(a), 4.(b)
5.(d), 6.(c), 7.(a), 8.(b)
9.(a), 10.(d)

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