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1.    Who was the first female to accept Islam?
A. Syedatul Khadija (sa) B. Bibi Fizza (sa)
C. Syeda Zainab (sa) D. Umm e Kulsoom (sa)

2.    What book was revealed with Nabi Isa (as)?
A. Quran B. Torat C. Zubair D. Injeel

3.     _____ was the first masjid built by RasulAllah (saw)
A. Masjid ul Nabwi B. Masjid ul Haram
C. Masjid ul Aqsa D. Masjid ul Quba

4. Which sura is on the name of one Holy war?
A. Sura Ahzaab B. Sura Naml
C. Sura Room D. Sura Mujadala

5.    Whom did Babur defeat in the first battle of Panipat?
A. Ghiyasuddin Tughlak B. Mohammed Ghori
C. Ibrahim Lodi D. Prithviraj Chauhan

6.    Which is the largest bay in the world?
A. Bay of Bengal, South Asia
B. Hudson Bay, Canada
C. Bay of Baracoa, Cuba
D. Bay of San Sebastián, Spain

7.    The cross word puzzle was invented by__
A. William Mckinley B. Barbara Streisand
C. Arthur Wynne D. Agatha Christie

8.    Adolf Hitler was born in__
A. Germany B. Austria C. England D. Denmark

9.    The lightest known metal is__
A. Lithium B. Aluminum C. Steal D. Silver

10.    What is the full form of GPRS?
A. General Program of Rapid Service
B. General Package of Radio Service
C. General Process of Rapid Service
D. General Packet Radio System

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