Can You Answer: Septermber’09

1.Who is the author of the novel ‘Bishad Shindhu’? stop-watch
a) Kazi Nazrul Islam    b) Mir Mosharraf Hossain
c) Omar Khayam         d) Golam Mostafa

2.Which Muslim victor first came to the Indian sub-continent?
a) Musa bin Nusair    b) Mugeera
c) Tariq bin Ziad       d) Muhammad bin Quasim

3.Recently Ronaldo has joined –
a) Inter Milan         b) A C Milan
c) Coriethians         d) Real Madrid

4.Late George best played for –
a) Boca Juniors     b) M. United         c) Barcelona         d) Arsenal

5.Mahathir Muhammad ruled Malaysia for
a) 10 years         b) 22 years         c) 14 years         d) 16 years

6.Imam Muslim was a direct student of –
a) Prophet Muhammad     b) Imam Bukhari
c) Caliph Umar                d) Jayed ibn Sabit

7.In which surah Allah claims that the Quran is full of science?
a) Baqarah         b) Yasin         c) Imran         d) Nahl

8.Which one was the first Bangla drama?
a) Mukh O Mukhosh         b) Roktakto Prantor
c) Kobor             d) Alaler Gorer Dulal

9.Which Caliph had the fortune to marry two daughters of Prophet Muhammad (SM)?
a) Abu Bakr        b) Umar        c) Usman         d) Ali

10.In Indian Premier League, Rickey Ponting plays for
a) Rajosthan Royals        b) Kolkata Knight Riders
c) Delhi Dare Devils         d) Chennai Super king

Correct answers:

1. D      2. C     3. D     4. D     5. B     6. B     7. B    8. B    9. C     10. B

Winners of July 2009 Issue
1. Md. Muzahidul Islam, Khalishpur, Khulna
2. Saifullah Mahmud, Khalishpur, Khulna
3. Ashikur Rahman, Sonadanga, Khulna.

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