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Hope you are keeping well and so are we,alhamdulillah.  As a good number of rich people have turned almost mad to get a smart gadget like i-Phone or i-Pad the middle class is thinking otherwise. Reports have it some Chinese are selling their kidney or sometimes their children to buy an i-Phone, Samsung, Blackberry or the such like. The less it is talked about the poor people’s gadget buying because those who don’t afford three meals a day let alone an i-Phone. Though some guardians of some middle class students have to manage money to buy some gadgets and of course these education equipment. A calculator is not a luxury for a science student of college or university, so is a digital dictionary. In the days of digital development some poor students have to nag their poor parents to buy an instrument what is instrumental to education. This group whom Bill Clinton termed ‘forgotten middle class’ either has to save or deposit or even borrow to buy such an equipment that facilitates education of their near and dear ones. So this time we are running the cover story on essential educational equipment. Hope you wouldn’t miss it as it is crafted by our new contributor who was born and brought in Britain.

Sagacious subscriber
In the wake of political impasse, moral depravation, absence of visionary leadership and meddling by foreign diplomats in Bangladesh politics as a student you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to study, study and study. You should study in class, corridor, inside home outside home and even on the safe walkways only to raise each of you as a diplomat of your country in this December. Only to supply the Bangladesh with visionary leadership you need to swear to defeat hooliganism of the secularists and nationalists by your knowledge.
Hope to return to you soon.

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