Did Man Really walk on the Moon

Jawad Chowdhury

When there is no wind on the atmosphere of free moon how can the flag be fluttering- a 47 years old American kept asking himself who was an engineer from new jersey. After this he started investing about all the Apollo moon operations securing every NASA film photo report etc. which lead him to a very awesome conclusion: America had never put a man on the moon. This giant story was all fake.
A book was published by Rene a Russian writer entitled NASA mooned America. The actual story lifts off in 1961 with Russian Yuri Gararin launching to the space and leaving America a step behind the space race. At an emergency secret meeting of the congress, president Kennedy proposed the ultimate face saver, put a man on moon. With an impassioned speech he secured the plan an unbelievable 40 billion dollars. And as Rene said a number of astro-physicists also started to agree with him. And the great moon odyssey was born.
Between 1969 and 1972 seven Apollo ships headed for moon, America claims that six have made it! With the ill fated Apollo 13 whose oxygen tanks apparently exploded halfway being the only casualties. As the rocks which shown could easily be mocked up in the lab the photographs and films were only proof that the eagle never landed. And also says Rene “the TV footage was hopeless”.
The world tuned into watch what looked like two blurred white ghosts gambol threw rocks and dust. Part of reason for the low quality was that, strangely NASA provided no direct link up. So networks actually had to film “man’s greatest achievement” from a TV screen in Houston a deliberate ploy says Rene, so that nobody could examine it.
By contrast the still photos were stunning. Yet that’s just the problem. The astronauts took thousand of pictures, each one was perfectly exposed and sharply focused. Not one was badly composed or even blurred. As Rene points out, that’s not all:
l    The cameras had no write meters or view finders. So the astronauts achieved this feet without being able to see what they were doing.
l    There film stock was unaffected by the intense peaks and powerful cosmic radiation on the moon conditions that should have made it useless.
l    They managed to adjust their cameras change film and swap filters in pressurized clubs. It should have been almost impossible to bend their films.
Award winning British photographer David Persey is also sure that the pictures are all fake. As he points out as follows:
l    The shadows could only have been created with multiple light sources and in particular powerful spot lights. But the only light source on the moon was the sun.
l    The American flag and the words “United States” are always brightly lift even when everything around is shadow.
l    Not a single still picture matches the video footage yet NASA claims both were shot at same time.
l    The pictures are so perfect, each one would have taken a slick advertising agency hours to put them together. But astronauts managed it repeatedly.

The argument does not stop here. Outer space is full of deadly radiation that emanates from solar flare firing out from the sun. Standard astronauts orbiting earth in near space, like those who recently fixed the Hubble telescopes, are protected by the earth’s Van Allen belt. But the moon is 240000 miles distant way outside this safe band. And during the Apollo flights astronomical data suggests that there were no such flares less than 1485.
Still it was possible if at least the lunar lander had a two meters thick shielding. Yet the lunar landers which took astronauts to from the spaceship to the moons surface were said NASA ‘about the thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil” how would that stop the deadly radiation? And if the astronauts were protected by their space suits why didn’t rescue workers use such protective gears at the Chernobyl meltdown which released only a friction of the dose astronauts would encounter? Not one Apollo astronauts ever contracted cancer not even the Apollo 16 crew who were on their way to the moon when a big flare started.
“They would have been fried” says Rene. But still NASA clams there were no technical problem on their any moon mission. Just one thing could have blown everything out as says Rene “the odds against this are so unlikely that God must have been the co-pilot.
And now NASA and American are planning a trillion dollars mission to Mars. This time all their efforts will be much powerful and there will be no way of determining the truth.
(Source: magazines and the book “NASA mooned America”)

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