Dear readers

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

In the wake of food waste, accumulation of wealth by 1.5 billion and worldwide want we are running an article on the relation between concentration of wealth, waste of food and the poverty which will frame the cover story of this issue. The cover story is beefed up with the plight of the common people of the subcontinent as a result of the pro-looter policies adopted by the three dynasties in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In these countries resources are being concentrated in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Islamabad, Dhaka and Chittagong, depriving the rural areas and agriculture of necessary development funds.

Dear readers

Ramadan — the month of purity and austerity — has again arrived with the message not to accumulate wealth, not to waste it and ultimately putting an end to economic marginalisation because the Quran and famine experts warn the humanity against all these trends. Making jakat an obligatory pillar of Islam Allah has repeatedly encouraged the humanity to give 2.5 per cent of his or her wealth to the poor followed by prayers. Hope you will be deeply moved by the plight of your poor brothers and sisters and abstain from the aforesaid habits. Eid mubarak.

See you soon inshaallah.

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