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Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are keeping well by the grace of Allah. Against the backdrop of the world with full of enemies and diseases for us we are running a cover story on human foes and the international agency that regularly indexes the human problems, dangers, diseases and health tips along with medications. It is one of the human imperatives to know the friends and foes around so that they can stay safe and live a peaceful life. There is nothing to lose in law abiding but too much eating, drinking, merry-making, luxurious life, avoiding physical activities, breaching of socio-religious laws may invite lots of troubles and imperfections. It may make your life hell what you didn’t expect. Rather you wanted to make the world into heaven being workaholic, shopaholic, hedonist etc. You failed to know your limit only to preside your collapse. Hope you will like the article.

Dear readers
Technological advancement producing lots of gadgets to make people happy. The number of people in the present world is ever highest and so is the number of gadgets. Robots are replacing human labour, ATM booths are replacing bank cashiers and money depositing machines are replacing human bankers when number of unemployed people is getting higher and higher day by day. Even our garment factories are set to be automated in the name of better and finished production without charting the future of lakhs of RMG workers. I am afraid, concentration of wealth and rendering people unemployed would soon spell disaster like those of Russia. Leo Tolstoy portrayed in one of his novel that once tractors started replacing the poor farmers. In return hungry and deprived farmers used their shovel to destroy the tractors which deprived them of day-labourer’s job. Let the gadget makers know excess of anything is bad.

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