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Is Crying Good for Health

Crying has often been touted as a good way to relieve stress. Does science back this belief up? Until recently, scientists and authors were at stark disagreement over the point of crying. In King Henry VI, Shakespeare wrote, “to weep is to make less the depth of grief”, and the...

Thoughts Change your Brain, Cells, and Genes

We have much more power than ever believed to influence our physical and mental realities. Our mindsets are recognized by our bodies – right down to the genetic level, and the more we improve our mental habits, the more beneficial response we will get from our bodies. Every minute of...

How to stay healthy this winter

It’s not difficult to boost our immunity throughout the upcoming winter by consuming a range of fresh foods including green leafy vegetables. There are a number of things we can do to help keep ourselves and our family just as healthy, happy and active during winter. Boosting up immunity It’s...

Why We Feel Busy All The Time

Few facts about modern life seem more indisputable than how busy everyone seems to be. Across the industrialised world, large numbers of survey respondents tell researchers they’re overburdened with work, at the expense of time with family and friends. And it’s possible that the most overwhelmed people weren’t even asked...

Cell Phone Safety

Does heavy use of cell phones pose a risk of cancer? This question has provoked controversy for many years. A new study in rats now adds to those concerns. Its data linked long-term, intense exposure to radiation from cell phones with an increased risk of cancer in the heart or brain. The...

Food supplements can make you sick

New estimates find that some types have been sending thousands to the hospital each year — including teens Doctors say eating a well-balanced diet is the best way to get the nutrients your body needs. People who think they may need a little extra help often reach for food supplements....

Are You Damaging Your Hearing?

Many of us use earphones throughout the day to drown out noise in our commutes and at work. But is it prematurely damaging our hearing? Molly Crain investigates. It starts gradually. The guitars in your favourite song no longer seem to sound loud enough, so you crank up the volume....

Fish A bone you should definitely pick

By NafisaTabassum# Oh, how we Bangalis love our fish. We love it so much that if a bone gets stuck in your throat, or if accidentally ingest it, everyone laughs it off and tells you to swallow a ball of rice. You can’t tell me that this hasn’t happened to...

Can your water bottle kill you?

NafisaTabassum It’s an established tradition in urban Bangladesh to reuse plastic soda and juice bottles in storing water for later use. Unfortunately, this tradition is leading to several dangerous illnesses no one anticipates. Here’s why: 1.    Bottles made of “safe plastic” called polyethylene terephthalateare supposed to be reused only once....

10 Tips for a Healthy Ramadan 0

10 Tips for a Healthy Ramadan

1. Drink water The most important tip that I can give everyone in preparation for Ramadan is, to start drinking water now!  Adequate hydration is simple and important .Take hydration seriously and notice the difference

The Essence of Holy Hadith 0

The Essence of Holy Hadith

Lead simple life Our dearest Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said: “If I had gold as much as mount Uhud, I would not want to keep it with me more than three days other than the amount of my debt.” (Bukhari) The best way to enjoy happiness: Dear readers we know...

Health tips for Summer 4

Health tips for Summer

Hello readers! Hope you all are well in this hot summer days. Today I’m going to discuss how to stay well in this weather. Drink plenty of water in summer. Water helps to maintain internal body temperature. Whenever temperature of our body increases, body regulates it by sweating. Water and...

Conjunctivitis 0


The outer covering of eyeball is called conjunctiva. Inflammation of conjunctiva by micro-organisms such as bacteria or viruses is called conjunctivitis. It is a very common disease in our country. It frequently occurs during rainy season.

Tips for Skin Care in autumn 0

Tips for Skin Care in autumn

Everyone knows the temperate in autumn is very hot so you should have a special skin care regime in this season. Otherwise your skin will become drying. Here are 5 simple and effective tips which help you own a beautiful healthy skin that not costly by using any cosmetic productions.

Steps to a Healthier and Happier Life 0

Steps to a Healthier and Happier Life

Everybody wants to remain healthy and dreams for a happier life. But many of them do not know the key steps that need to be followed in order to get a happier and healthier life. Here we have sorted the basic points. Follow it and grasp your dream life.