The Essence of Holy Hadith

Lead simple life

Our dearest Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said: “If I had gold as much as mount Uhud, I would not want to keep it with me more than three days other than the amount of my debt.”

The best way to enjoy happiness:
Dear readers we know that life takes many things back each day and we are getting closer to death with every day that passes. If one plucks most of the flowers, he cannot enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the garden. Food wastage in many rich Muslim countries is deplorable and immoral.  Our Prophet (pbuh) used to eat very little and spend most of his resources for spreading his mission. We have abandoned the Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh). We eat more and respond to the call of nature more. Hazrat Umar (RAA) used to eat very little and extreme asceticism in all walks of life. He was truly on the Sunnah of our prophet (pbuh).

Think welfare of others:
Hazrat Usman (RAA) used to lead very simple life. His house was very simple and did not have well to get drinking water. His family members would collect water from the community well, though he was the richest man in Arabia and ruled over a larger state than those of the Pharaohs and Persian Emperors.

Md. Moshiur Rahman
Islami Bank International School &
College, Dhaka

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